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Adlerian Group Therapy Essay

According to Glanz and Hayes (1967) Group Counseling and group terapy are almost contradictory concepts to he individual not familiar with the detailed practices present and groups, counceling, and therapy. multiple counseling, group guidance, and the lmost interchangeble use of counseling and psychotherapy have added to the uncertainty of the dimensions and true nature of these new concepts. Adlerian in Group Counseling According to Corey (202) Adler was a politically and socially oriented psychiatrist who showed great concern for the common person. Indeed, many of his early clients were working-class people who struggled to make a living, raise and educate their children, and make a difference in society. Part of Adler’s mission was to bring psychological understanding to the general population and to translate psychological concepts into practical methods for helping a varied population meet the challenges of everyday life. Alfred Adler made signifi cant contributions to contemporary therapeutic practice. Adler believed in the social nature of human beings, and he was interested in working with clients in a group context. He established more than 30 child guidance clinics in which he pioneered live demonstrations by interviewing children, adults, teachers, and parents in front of community groups. He was the fi rst psychiatrist to use group methods in a systematic way in child guidance centers in the 1920s in Vienna. To fully appreciate the development of the practice of Adlerian psychology, one must recognize the contributions of Rudolf Dreikurs, who was largely responsible for extending and popularizing Adler’s work and transplanting Adler’s ideas to the United States. He did a great deal to translate Adlerian principles into the practice of group psychotherapy, and he used group psychotherapy in his private practice for more than 40 years (see Dreikurs, 1960, 1967, 1997). Dreikurs developed and refi ned Adler’s concepts into a clear-cut, teachable system with practical applications for family life, education, preventive mental health, and, especially, group psychotherapy (Terne r & Pew, 1978). Dreikurs was a key fi gure in developing the Adlerian family education centers in the United States. Work with children and their parents in a group setting paved the way for Dreikurs’s pioneering group psychotherapy.It is believed that Dreikurs was the fi rst person to use group therapy in a private practice. Adlerian interventions have been widely applied to diverse client populations of all ages in many different settings. Adlerian group therapy is an integration of key concepts of Adlerian psychology with socially constructed, systemic, and brief approaches based on the holistic model developed by Dreikurs (Sonstegard & Bitter, 2004). Objectives of Adlerian Group Therapy  ·Establishing and maintaining an emphatic relationship between clients and counselor that is based on mutual trust and respect and in which the client feels understood and accepted by the group.  ·Providing a therapeutic climate in which clients can come to understand their basics beliefs and feelings about themselves and discover why those beliefs are faulty.  ·helping clients develop insight into their mistaken goals and self-defeating behaviors through a process of confrontatio and interpretation.  ·assisting clients in discovering alternatives and encouraging them to make choices that is, put insights into action.  ·Group provides a mirror of person’s behavior.  ·Group members both recieve and give help. Techniques THE FAMILY CONSTELLATION Adler considered the family of origin as having a central impact on an individual’s personality. Adler suggested that it was through the family constellation that each person forms his or her unique view of self, others, and life. Factors such as cultural and familial values, gender-role expectations, and the nature of interpersonal relationships are all infl uenced by a child’s observation of the interactional patterns within the family. Adlerian assessment relies heavily on an exploration of the client’s family constellation, including the client’s evaluation of conditions that prevailed in the family when the person was a young child (family atmosphere), birth order, parental relationship and family values, and extended family and culture. EARLY RECOLLECTIONS As you will recall, another assessment procedure used by Adlerians is to ask the client to provide his or her earliest memories, including the age of the person at the time of the remembered events and the feelings or reactions associated with the recollections. Early recollections are one-time occurrences pictured by the client in clear detail. Adler reasoned that out of the millions of early memories we might have we select those special memories that project the essential convictions and even the basic mistakes of our lives. Early recollections are a series of small mysteries that can be woven together and provide a tapestry that leads to an understanding of how we view ourselves, how we see the world, what our life goals are, what motivates us, what we value and believe in, and what we anticipate for our future (Clark, 2002; Mosak & Di Pietro, 2006). BIRTH OEDER AND SIBLING RELATIONSHIP The Adlerian approach is unique in giving special attention to the relationships between siblings and the psychological birth position in one’s family. Adler identified five psychological positions, or vantage points, from which children tend to view life: oldest, second of only two, middle, youngest, and only. Stages of the Alerian Group Therapy STAGE 1: ESTABLISHING AND MAINTAININGCOHESIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEMBERS In the initial stage the emphasis is on establishing a good therapeutic relationship based on cooperation, collaboration, egalitarianism, and mutual respect. By attending to the relationship from the first session, counselors are laying a foundation for cohesive ness and connection. Adlerians hold that the successful outcomes of the other group stages are based on establishing and maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship at the initial stage of counseling (Watts & Eckstein, 2009). Group participants are encouraged to be active in the process because they are responsible for their own participation in the group. The group situation provides sample opportunity to work on trust issues and to strengthen the relationship between member and leader. Also, by witnessing positive changes in peers, participants can see how well the group works. STAGE 2: ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT (EXPLORING THE INDIVIDUAL’S DYNAMICS) The aim of the second stage is twofold: understanding one’s lifestyle and seeing how it is affecting one’s current functioning in all the tasks of life (Mosak & Maniacci, 2011). During this assessment stage, emphasis is on the individual in his or her social and cultural context. Adlerians do not try to fi t clients into a preconceived model; rather, they allow salient cultural identity concepts to emerge and attend to a clients’ personal meaning of culture (Carlson & Englar-Carlson, 2008). The leader may begin by exploring how the participants are functioning at work and in social situations and how they feel about themselves and their gender-role identities. STAGE 3: AWARENESS AND INSIGHT Whereas the classical analytic position is that personality cannot change unless there is insight, the Adlerian view is that insight is a special form of awareness that facilitates a meaningful understanding within the counseling relationship and acts as a foundation for change. Yet this awareness is not, in and of itself, enough to bring about signifi cant change. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself. According to Carlson and Englar-Carlson (2008), the Adlerian approach is both insight oriented and action oriented. Although insight into our problems can be useful, it is essential that this awareness leads to constructive movement toward desired goals. It is to be noted that people can make abrupt and signifi cant changes without much insight. STAGE 4: REORIENTATION AND REEDUCATION The end product of the group process is reorientation and reeducation. The reorientation stage consists of both the group leaders and the members working together to challenge erroneous beliefs about self, life, and others. The emphasis is on considering alternative beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. During this stage, members put insight into action, making new choices that are more consistent with their desired goals (Carlson & Englar-Carlson, 2008). There is a change in members’ attitudes toward their current life situation and the problems they need to solve. This reorientation is an educational experience. Adlerian groups are characterized by an attempt to reorient faulty living patterns and teach a better understanding of the principles that result in cooperative interaction (Sonstegard & Bitter, 2004). One of the aims is teaching participants how to become more effective in dealing with the tasks of life. Another aim is challenging and encouraging clients to take risks and make changes. References: Corey, G. (2012), Theories And Practice of Group Couneling Eight edition. United States, 2008 Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. Corey, G. (2009), Theories And Practice of Counseling and Psychoterapy. United States, 2005 Thomson Brooks/Cole.z

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Short Article Reveals the Undeniable Facts About Written Research Papers and How It Can Affect You

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System Integrity And Validation Of A Fine Foods - 1168 Words

System Integrity and Validation Christopher Gaten ACC/542 Anita Rodriguez January 25, 2016 Over the last several weeks, there have been several recommendations made to update and replace the current software of Kudler Fine Foods IT audit systems. These recommendations have been made in hopes of making the company more efficient and profitable. According to most recent research, there are several audit systems that seem to best suit all audit functions of Kudler Fine Foods. Having said that, it is important that Kudler’s management consider the legitimacy of data and integrity within their auditing system. This analysis describes how Kudler Fine Foods is able to benefit from the use of new audit software. It also explains how the Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques confirms the company’s system data integrity. System Integrity and Validation Understanding the need for such recommendations, Kudler Foods learns that the Computer Assisted Audit Tools is one way to simplify the audit software process. CAATs are customary financial accounting software that implements audit functions that are performed manually. Contingent upon the shape, size, and scope of the company, all audit modifications will be made to CAATs to fit the needs of the company. Typically, the same type of information is requested as it would be for a traditional audit. After verifying the computer methods, information is stored so that it can be employed in other departments of the audit,Show MoreRelatedSystem Integrity and Validation - Kudler Fine Foods1033 Words   |  5 PagesIndividual Assignment: System Integrity and Validation - Kudler Fine Foods Over the past few weeks our team has looked into a number of aspects of Kudler Fine Foods and made recommendations as necessary in hopes of updating and replacing existing components of the companies IT systems in hopes of making the company more productive and profitable. Last week out team focused on the importance of audits and at a number of different types of audits that should be conducted to future evaluate the companyRead MoreEssay about System Integrity and Validation1055 Words   |  5 Pageshead: System Integrity and Validation System Integrity and Validation Aaron Stewart University of Phoenix Accounting Information Systems ACC/542 MBAY0ZDVQ0 Yasin Dadabhoy September 19, 2011 Preface Kudler Finer Foods has a very strong accounting information system in place but there is room for improvement. Kudler’s has taken the steps in the correct direction by implementing an industry specific system. ComputerRead MoreSystem Integrity and Validation1262 Words   |  6 PagesSystem Integrity and Validation ACC 542 System Integrity and Validation In the past months, Jarowito Company has analyzed carefully Kudler Fine Foods accounting information system. It has explored the key business and the accounting information needed. It has analyzed strength and weaknesses of the systems and technology, suggesting some technology opportunities. It has evaluated the possible threats, suggesting how to avoid them.Read MoreSystem Integrity and Validation1007 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract In addition to the audit plan for the analyzed processes, of Kudler Fine Foods, encouragement of ways to improve audit documentation and process, by using computer technology was addressed to Kudler’s management team. As a result, Kudler Fine Foods management team is considering incorporating proposed computer assisted auditing techniques (CAATs) within its systems. CAATs will increase efficiency levels of an auditor’s personal productivity during analysis and data extraction of the auditRead MoreSystem Integrity and Validation1083 Words   |  5 Pages System Integrity and Validation ACC/542 March, 2 2014 Prof: Edgar Coronel Preface Kudler Fine Food is a specialty food store that caters their service to a variety of special clients. Providing great service has been a calling card for Kudler Fine Food. Since their first store was open back in 1998, they have enjoyed great success. This has also allowed them to open a few more locations. Having the ability to have a strong accounting information system and greatRead MoreSystem Integrity and Validation1049 Words   |  5 PagesPreface Kudler Fine Foods located in San Diego, California is a specialty food store that is continuing to grow. Due to the company’s growth, it is necessary for Kudler to make a better use of technology for all aspects of the business. Currently Kudler process a large amount of data through computer programs which is used between all three locations, but with upcoming expansions, Kudler needs the ability to track all of that information and also be confident that the information is reliable.Read MoreProtecting Customer Data Is Important For Integrity And Reputation Of Any Firm1474 Words   |  6 PagesProtecting customer data is highly important for the integrity and reputation of any firm. Without securing customer information, a firm is destined to fail and possibly face harsh legal penalties in the process. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to the organization as well as the customers to identify and practice ways to keep it safe from internal and external threats. To do this, it is imperative to have strong security architecture with sound policies in place and do business online safelyRead MoreKudler - Information System Audit2543 Words   |  11 PagesKudler Fine Foods - Information System Audit Information technology (IT) has become increasingly sophisticated and complex, escalating the ongoing change within Kudler Fine Foods. As IT information is adopted within the organization, automation controls many processes within the Kudler’s environment. As Kudler has become more virtualized, a need for increased trust and assurance in the relationships with consumers, partners and suppliers. The swell of e-commerce business has created new ways ofRead MoreKudler Security Report8340 Words   |  34 PagesKudler Fine Foods IT Security Report and Presentation Security Considerations CMGT/400 Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report and Presentation Security Considerations According to Whitman and Mattord  (2010),  The ISO 27000 series is one of the most widely referenced security models. Referencing ISO/IEC 27002 (17799:2005), the major process steps include: risk assessment and treatment, security policy, organization of information security, asset management, human resources security, physicalRead MoreFood Safety Management Systems9052 Words   |  37 PagesPart 1 Food Safety and the Law. Food safety management procedures Guests choose a restaurant because they trust and believe that the establishment shall always fulfill their demands and expectations both the expressed and unexpressed expectations. They trust that the food cooked in the restaurant is safe to eat and will not make them sick after eating. Providing customers with safe food is not only important for the success of a business but also mandatory by law. A Food safety Management

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SA IBL TB8e Ch17 - 2601 Words

CHAPTER 17—LICENSING AGREEMENTS AND THE PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS TRUE/FALSE 1. The hearing for the Walt Disney v. Beijing Publishing Press was held in the United States. ANS: F PTS: 1 2. It is fairly common for IPR licensors to put geographic and field-of-use limitations on licensees. ANS: T PTS: 1 3. Licensees of IPRs are generally eager to operate under specific marketing quotas requested by the licensor. ANS: F PTS: 1 4. Licensors of IPRs are generally wary of offering licensees exclusive rights in a certain geographic area. ANS: T PTS: 1 5. Under TRIPS, until a pharmaceutical patent is actually granted, a country has no obligation to protect potential prospective rights (during the pendency of the†¦show more content†¦ANS: T PTS: 1 26. Most nations grant patent priority to the individual who can prove (s)he was the first to invent. ANS: T PTS: 1 27. Both the Berne Convention and the Paris Convention require signatory countries to enact certain minimum substantive laws. ANS: F PTS: 1 28. Computer programs are protected as copyrightable literary works under the Berne Convention. ANS: T PTS: 1 29. Since 1996, the European Unions Trademark Regulation has allowed a single trademark registration enforceable in all members of the European Union. ANS: T PTS: 1 30. Under TRIPS, a nation may decide to exclude pharmaceutical patents if it determines they are immoral. ANS: T PTS: 1 31. Under U.S. copyright law, an authors moral rights are not protected. ANS: F PTS: 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A. Bourjois Co. v. Katzel involved the question of whether Katzel: a. Was liable to Bourjois for breach of contract. b. Was liable to the French subsidiary of Bourjois for trademark infringement and counterfeiting. c. Was entitled to punitive damages for willful trademark infringement. d. Was liable to Bourjois for trademark infringement. ANS: D PTS: 1 2. A single multinational application process is available for protecting intellectual property in: a. In the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. b. In the Eastern European countries. c. In countries that are member of the Asian Patent Protection Treaty. d. In the European Union. e. All of the above. ANS:

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Macroeconomics Equilibrium GDP Free Essays

1. Move the green pointer on the horizontal axis to an income level of 430. Then click on the â€Å"income adjustment† button. We will write a custom essay sample on Macroeconomics Equilibrium GDP or any similar topic only for you Order Now What happened? Why did income return to equilibrium at 470? The GDB rises to restore equilibrium. This is because at GDP=430, the aggregate expenditures is higher than production. This is a state of imbalance so that production opportunities will rise to match the total spending. 2. Move the green pointer on the horizontal axis to an income level of 510. Then hit the â€Å"income adjustment† button. What happened? Why did income return to equilibrium at 470? GDP decreases to restore equilibrium. This is because at GDP=510, production is higher than aggregate expenditures. This means that there will an excess in production. The excess will force production to reduce to maintain profitability until equilibrium point is achieved. So GDP will always return to equilibrium point of 430 where aggregate expenditure equals production. 3. What happened to Income in Chapter 10 exercise when Investment was increased? Income also increases as indicated by GDP line at 6000. 4. Explain why the resulting increase in equilibrium Income was greater than the change in Investment spending. Investment will produce some level of gains or in numbers this is a multiplier. This gain (multiplier) is what causes the GDP change in equilibrium to be higher. 5. Give three real-world forces that could cause a â€Å"shift in Aggregate Demand.† 5.1 An increase in consumption will increase the Aggregate Demand. 5.2 An increase in government expenditure will increase the Aggregate Demand. 5.3 An increase in net export will increase the Aggregate Demand. 6. Give three real-world forces that could cause a â€Å"shift in Aggregate Supply.† 6.1 An increase wages and salaries will increase the Aggregate Supply. 6.2 Education and Training will shift the Aggregate Supply. 6.3 Research and Development will shift the Aggregate Supply. References C. MacConnell, S. Brue (2005). Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies, 16/e. Graphing Exercise: Equilibrium GDP (Chapter 10.1). Retrieved January 27, 2007 from How to cite Macroeconomics Equilibrium GDP, Essay examples

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Management Ethics for Delivery Operations Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Management Ethics for Delivery Operations. Answer: Introduction: Deborah Merritt didn't pass the physical ability test can be a reason for not let her join the Pickup and Delivery job before she was fully fit but it cannot be a sufficient reason for firing her from the job. She has served Dominion Freight Line for six years as Line Haul driver. She is a responsible, experienced driver who knows her duty better than other drivers and defiantly she is far better from a fresher driver, doesn't matter that new driver is a male driver. A new driver cannot acquire that much accuracy or experience required for the job doesn't matter that person is male or female. If this is a matter of her incapacity for the position, she had proved that she can do Pickup and Deliver for seven months before her injury and also she got complimented from the client side in part-time Pickup And Delivery job before (Gribkovskaia, Halskau and Kovalyov, 2015). She has injured unfortunately, and anyone cannot assure that if any male driver was there in her place that accident w hich happens to her could not happen to that male driver. Everyone in that company preferred a male driver that is the main reason for firing Deborah Merritt. They forgot her dedication towards their company they forgot her hard work for the company and also the company has forgotten the reason which she has suffered from the injury is for the company not any third party has responsible for that injury (Shephard, 2010). Did Old Do-minion freight line discriminate unjustly against Merritt? "It was decided that they could not let women have that position," this sentence says it all. Old Dominion freight line discriminate a complete injustice for Deborah Merritt. She was rejected for the job of Pickup and Delivery twice for no proper reason behind. Bobby Howard, the terminal manager, has hired a less experienced driver for the job but didn't give a chance to Deborah Merritt though she is far more experienced than that male driver and defiantly more efficient than any other driver with her six years of experience. She has been awarded by the client side with a compliment for her Pickup and Deliver part time jobs. This is a fact that a female driver could get hurt more than a male driver, but that doesn't mean that females are incapable of any job (Matthews, 2013). If you think firing her was unjust discrimination, then was it individual or institutionalized discrimination? Firing Deborah Merrit is a complete injustice from the company side. She is capable for both of the company segment Line Haul segment and also for Pickup and Delivery segment. This is an institutionalized discrimination I think. The company has fired her without justifying her six-year contribution for the company, her ability, her efficiency, her experience in both segments of jobs. Besides that, this was her only job for earning, and she has been fired without any notice period that she can apply for any other company. A company should not do such injustice to any of their employee where Deborah Merritt was working for the company for six years (Selvaggi and Giordano, 2014). References Gribkovskaia, I., Halskau, O., Kovalyov, M. (2015). Minimizing takeoff and landing risk in helicopter pickup and delivery operations.Omega,55, 73-80. Matthews, S. (2013). Reflections on the Appropriate Use of Unjustly Conferred Privilege.Theoria,60(135). Selvaggi, G. Giordano, S. (2014). The Role of Mental Health Professionals in Gender Reassignment Surgeries: Unjust Discrimination or Responsible Care?.Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,38(6), 1177-1183. Shephard, R. (2010). Physiological Demands of the Firefighter Candidate Physical Ability Test.Yearbook Of Sports Medicine,2010, 110-112.

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Shakespearian Tradgedy Essays - Othello, English-language Films

Shakespearian Tradgedy In the article, Othello and the pattern of Shakespearean Tragedy, by G.R. Hibbard published in 1968, Hibbard discusses how Othello, by William Shakespeare, stands apart from the rest of the Shakespearean Tragedies. He uses examples from the play to support his thesis of how the tragic pattern in Othello is very much different from that of the others. I agree with Hibbard's view on Othello and it's unique characteristics that set it apart from the traditional pattern of Shakespearean tragedies. Hibbard wrote his article using supporting points to show how Othello is set apart from the other plays. He describes the unrealistic events surrounding Othello being sent to Cyprus, where he is allowed to bring his new wife. Hibbard write that Iago's only goal in the play is to ruin Othello's life and does not want more political or military power, as in the other plays but wishes only to destroy all that is good and beautiful. All the other plays have plots where the events in the public follow the pattern of the events of the antagonist this is missing in Othello. ?The pattern of the tragedy is a whirlpool, with its center in the poisoned mind of the hero which reshapes, distorts, and degrades objective reality.? Unlike in the other Shakespearean tragedies Othello does not know the antagonist until the end of the play when it is too late to realize what has occurred. The ending of Othello is also unique, in this case good does not prevail over evil and unlike the other tragedies O thello seeks his own valediction and ?the ruin is total?. I agree with most of the authors points of discussion in this article. I agree that Othello is sent to Cyprus for the sole purpose of changing the scene to commence Iago's plan and that this is very different from the other plays where there are no such dramatic events that are discarded so quickly (the immediate sinking of the Turkish fleet). I see the ?whirlpool' pattern the author speaks of where Iago is at the center; this is clearly different from the other tragic plays where the direction is clear and straightforward. Unlike in MacBeth, or Romeo and Juliet, Othello does not know the antagonist until the end, I agree with this point because throughout the play it is clear that Othello trusts Iago completely and disbelieves any evidence that contradicts what he is saying. I also agree with Hibbard's point that in other Shakespearean tragedies the public events mirror the actions of the antagonist. Hibbard is right in saying that the ending is quite unique with the bodies being le ft on stage and the others quickly moving through the arrangements of distributing the assets, they learned no lessons as in Romeo and Juliet, they seemed almost unaffected by the deaths. The end was also unique because Othello killed himself, he knew he did wrong and punished himself, this does not occur in other tragedies. Although I support Hibbard in his thesis, I disagree with a few of his supporting arguments. It is true that Iago did want to destroy the lives of both Cassio and Othello, but did this because he felt that he deserved Cassio's position in the military. When Hibbard says, ?The ruin is total? I think this is extreme. I feel that evil did not prevail, because Iago's plan did not succeed, neither good nor evil triumphed. In reading Hibbard's article I felt he did a good job at supporting his thesis. He provided the reader with enough information to understand why he chose his thesis and decide whether or not they agree with his points. He used appropriate references to support his ideas and backed up his points with specific events from the play. Shakespeare